Ongo for Business

Ongo collects all your payments from all your customers


Both Cash Payments and Mobile Payments


Simple, Swift and Secure


Ongo’s digital payment system has partnered with:

⦁ FMCG distributors;
⦁ E-commerce sites;
⦁ Lenders;
⦁ and Travel companies.


Ongo can provide mobile payroll to employers, negating the need to process individual cash salary payments.


There are over 300 Ongo Cash Agents in Yangon and over 30 in Mandalay who will make cash handling simpler and easier. Ongo will have agents in every major town and city in Myanmar.


We partner with Coca-Cola, Panasonic, Philips, Wilmar, Pahtama Group, United Paint Group, Premium Distribution, Oway Ride, Dawn Microfinance and other major domestic and international businesses in Myanmar.


As Myanmar makes the transition from a cash economy to a mobile money market, we are deploying the latest technology for payments as well as customer engagement tools in our network – allowing retailers to more efficiently interact with product suppliers and customers.


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No Cash Handling Costs

Up to 44% increases in efficiency

Customer Data

Detailed and real-time information

Digital Marketing Tools

Direct mobile digital customer engagement

Merchandising Support

Over 300 agents in Yangon Region

How it works

Ongo establishes a Cash Agent Network
Merchant will buy e-money from Ongo Cash Agent
Merchant places order with Distribution Company(optional)

Cash Payment

Distribution company delivers goods to Merchant
Merchant gives Cash to Ongo Agent

Mobile Payment

Distribution company delivers goods to Merchant
Merchant pays with e-money from Mobile
Invoices and Transactions are shown on Distributors web dashboard instantly
Funds are settled with the bank account of the Distribution Company