Oway Ride Drivers empowered with Ongo E-Money For Digital Payments

By removing the need for cash handovers in Myanmar, transfers to and from drivers for Mini Oway is now faster, more convenient and efficient

YANGON, MYANMAR, May 30, 2019 – Oway Ride, the premier Taxi and Ride services provider, andOngo, the leading B2B digital payment services provider, have launched e-money services for the network of Mini Oway drivers in Mandalay, Mawlaymine, Bagan, and Pyin Oo Lwin.

The partnership means that drivers are no longer required to make tiresome additional journeys to a limited number of locations to deposit fares or collect money earned through pre-booked rides. Oway drivers can now use their Ongo App at any of the hundreds of Ongo Agent locations covering every township in these cities.

Ongo Agents allow cash-in or cash-out of electronic money from personal ‘digital wallets’, integrated seamlessly within the Ongo App. Once converted to e-money, the drivers can easily send and receive transfers from their digital wallets to anyone else, including businesses and other individuals.

Oway has already experienced success using the Ongo digital payment system in Myanmar’s second largest city of Mandalay, where Oway first pioneered the launch of 3-wheeled autos to ease customer travel and provide a safe transport solution. Oway is also utilizing the same Ongo services for its taxi drivers in Yangon. 

“By using Ongo’s digital payment system, we have been able to make transfers between Oway and our drivers much more efficient and convenient. In Mandalay, Bagan, Pyin Oo Lwin, auto drivers can directly send their earnings to us, and we can reimburse them for pre-paid rides. By launching in Mawlaymine, we intend to replicate the same convenience and make it vastly easier for our Mini Oway & Oway Ride drivers to interact with us. With this initiative we also aim to build digital literacy and financial inclusion in the third largest commercial hub of Myanmar,” said Alok Kumar, CEO of Oway.

Since Ongo mobile wallet was officially launched in 2017 in partnership and with the support of Myanmar Oriental Bank Limited, all Ongo mobile wallet accounts are regulated by the Central Bank of Myanmar under the Mobile Banking License (MBL) directive through Myanmar Oriental Bank (MOB). This provides Ongo Users with the security of a bank regulated account without ever having to visit a bank branch.  

“Ongo is proud to partner with Oway, one of Myanmar’s most recognizable tech and transport local innovators,” said Ongo CEO, Mr. Allen Gilstrap. “Our secure digital payment solution enables businesses to make simple transfers to and from their employees, customers and distributors. Each digital wallet is a secure and convenient way of using e-money, facilitated by our large network of cash agent employees s across all major cities in Myanmar.”

Regular passengers and consumer customers are also able to use the Ongo App to pay for their taxi ride instead of using cash, as well as access a host of other features such as mobile top-up, person-to-person money transfer, bill payments, and online shopping. People can also earn special rewards, just by paying with e-money through the App.

Download Ongo for Android via the Google Play store or directly from the website and visit an Ongo Agent to transfer cash into your Ongo wallet.

About Ongo

Ongo is the brand name for Ronoc Myanmar Limited and is the leading B2B digital payment service provider in Myanmar. Ongo operates in 55 Myanmar cities with over 1,800 Ongo agent employees providing digital payment services to over 130 corporate clients, 26,000 merchants and 500,000 consumer users. 

With its licensing partner Myanmar Oriental Bank (MOB), Ongo App Users can use their smartphone to Cash-in (convert their cash into E-money) and Cash-out at hundreds of Cash Agent locations across Myanmar. Ongo services include; mobile airtime top-up, P2P money transfer, B2B payments, bill payments, digital payroll services and online shopping payments. In addition, Ongo Users receive rewards in their Ongo App from leading Myanmar retailers and online merchants. Our goal is to promote financial inclusion in a safe, simple and convenient fashion. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ongoemoney

Website: ongo.com.mm 

About Oway

Oway is the leading and largest Ride Hailing company of Myanmar. Oway Ride services are available on Oway Ride (Car Taxi), Oway Ride (Bike taxi), and Mini Oway (3 wheeler) across Mandalay, Yangon, Bagan, Pwin O Lwin and Mawlaymine.

Oway Group also has Oway Travel and Oway Fleet services which is the leading travel company in Myanmar offering a wide range of on-line and offline travel solutions for business travelers and consumers. Oway operates oway.com.mm, Myanmar’s first one-stop online travel portal, offering the largest inventory of hotels, flights, cars, buses and tours, with multiple secure payment options for local and international travelers.

To learn more about Oway Ride and download the Owayride app, please visit

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