Ongo Rewards

Our Partners can reach out directly to their customers with “Ongo Rewards” – a direct , digital customer engagement tool.

With Ongo Rewards you can :

  1. Issue Digital Coupons
  2. Communicate Directly to your customers
  3. Understand and Analyse your customer’s behaviour

Why use Ongo Rewards?

  1. Direct Targeted Promotions
  2. Instant Digital Issuance
  3. Interactive , Flexible Multimedia Coupons
  4. Instant Redemption
  5. Real-time monitoring
  6. B2B focused deployment
  7. FREE for first month!


The Ongo merchant network consists of over 25,000 outlet locations (and growing!) .The Ongo Rewards program allows FMCG clients to send out targeted promotions to support their ongoing compaigns.


The Ongo-e-Money App is a platform for consumers to easily top-up, transfer money, pay bills and shop online- while receiving rewards! FMCG clients can reach end consumers easy and efficiently through the Ongo Rewards program.


Leverage Ongo Rewards(B2C)

Ongo Rewards will enable you to digitize your consumer promotion & reward programs. Benifits include: Different promotions can be send out to consumer App users by location,gender,age,online purchasing behaviour ,airtime preference, etc.

Paperless Offers and Real-Time Redemption

Promotional offers can be sent out digitally by the Ongo Rewards Platform directly to the App and redeemed either through a QR code at a participating merchant shop or by entering a promotion code online.

Flexible Promotion Platform

Adjust the promotion to your current consumer promotions and easily work together with co-marketing partners.

Online and Offline Marketing Support

Benefit from our strong online and offline Ongo marketing and agent team that is in close contact with consumer App users.

Leverage Ongo Rewards

Compaign Offer Examples: B2C

Increase Sales

Easily digitize your current promotions

Send targeted offers to consumers

Direct customers easily to participating merchants through our merchant map function