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Ongo and Rent2Own partner to make rural mobility even more accessible

Myanmar’s first company to offer flexible rental services to help prospective buyers acquire a motorcycle, Rent2Own, and the market leading B2B digital payment service, Ongo, signed an agreement allowing customers in 9 regions of Myanmar to rent and eventually acquire motorcycles via the Ongo app and agents.

YANGON, Myanmar On Friday, 29 March, Ongo and Rent2Own signed an expansion agreement, giving even more clients – often rural entrepreneurs like farmers – the ability to easily and affordably rent a motorcycle to help expand their businesses and reach faraway markets.   


The motorcycle rental business, Rent2Own, which began operations in Myanmar in 2015, focuses on providing flexible contracts and options to those in need of transportation, but who lack the means to make a purchase in one go. The company’s effort to improve rural mobility in the country has so far given over 98,000 people access to reliable transportation, allowing customers to not only expand their businesses, but also helping children get to school in hard to reach places and receive an education.


“Rent2Own helps make people’s lives easier. The flexibility in our contracts allows customers to access transportation affordably, giving them more time to focus on what really matters, earning an income to provide for their families,” explains Rent2Own CEO, Philippe Lenain. “Our new partnership with Ongo helps expedite this process even more by giving our loyal customers the ability to make payments in a more seamless, smooth and simple manner right on their phone or at any nearby Ongo agent location,” says Lenain.


Ongo, the market leading business-to-business (B2B) digital payment service in Myanmar, will now offer their services to Rent2Own customers in all areas where Rent2Own is operational. Rent2Own customers make payments quarterly and in the past, this meant having to take time out of their busy days to visit the Rent2Own office and make payments for their motorcycles. Now, payments can be made easily with the Ongo app or at any number of Ongo agent locations.


 “I can now make payments to Rent2Own faster by using my Ongo/Rent2Own QR Card at my nearest Ongo Agent. I just show my QR Card or contract number to the Ongo Agent and they make a payment directly to Rent2Own. I don’t need to wait a long time for any document processing. It’s great!” explains Ko Sett Paing Soe, Rent2Own customer and Ongo user.


As the market leaders for business-to-business digital payment services in Myanmar, Ongo has partnered with over 100 business clients, 26,000 merchants and 400,000 consumer users. Its network has grown to reach 55 towns and cities across Myanmar. This recent expansion agreement between Ongo and Rent2Own is a great step forward in continuing to make people’s lives easier around the country through digitized payments.


For more information on the Ongo and Rent2Own newly expanded digitized payment system partnership or Ongo’s other innovative digital payment services, please visit the company’s official website at or Facebook account at, e-mail or call 09-450888996-7, 09-444450816-8.


About Ongo

Ongo is the brand name for Ronoc Myanmar Limited and is the leading B2B digital payment service provider in Myanmar. Ongo operates in 55 Myanmar cities with over 1,100 Ongo agent employees providing digital payment services to over 110 corporate clients, 26,000 merchants and 500,000 consumer users. 

With its licensing partner Myanmar Oriental Bank (MOB). Ongo App Users can use their smartphone to Cash-in (convert their cash into E-money) and Cash-out at hundreds of Cash Agent locations across Myanmar. Ongo services include; mobile airtime top-up, P2P money transfer, B2B payments, bill payments, digital payroll services and online shopping payments. In addition, Ongo Users receive rewards in their Ongo App from leading Myanmar retailers and online merchants. Our goal is to promote financial inclusion in a safe, simple and convenient fashion. 

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About Rent2Own

Rent2Own is the first company in Myanmar offering a flexible rental service to help prospective buyers acquire a motorcycle. Providing tailored options to those in need of transportation, but lacking the means to buy in one go. Our main focus is helping entrepreneurs, often farmers, to buy the motorcycles they need to generate income and grow their business.

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Press Release

Ongo teams up with Myanmar Oriental Bank (MOB) to launch first digital payroll service for Myanmar employers

The first product of its kind in the Myanmar utilizing debit cards, innovative solution marks country’s next major step towards a cashless finance ecosystem.

YANGON, MYANMAR, 24 JULY 2018 –  Ongo, the market leading business-to-business (B2B) digital payment service in Myanmar has partnered with Myanmar Oriental Bank for the launch of an innovative, secure and convenient digital payroll service for Myanmar employers. The companies held a joint press conference today at Sule Shangri-La Hotel for the launch of this integrated Payroll Program which is a first in the Myanmar market and marks a significant advance in the digital transformation of Myanmar businesses burdened with burdensome cash handling issues.

This Ongo/MOB service will feature Ongo desktop software in which employers can enter and maintain the payroll details for all their employees.  The service enables the employer to instantly send all payroll payments digitally to their employee’s Ongo mobile wallet with a single click. Employees can choose to withdraw all or a specific portion of their payroll payment at any Ongo Agent location in Myanmar or keep a portion of their payroll payment on the Ongo mobile wallet to digitally transfer money to their family, buy airtime, pay bills, earn rewards, shop online or at participating store locations.

The launch of this Ongo/MOB service is the first-of-its-kind in Myanmar and is a major milestone in the country’s journey toward a cashless ecosystem,” said Allen Gilstrap, Ongo CEO. “This digital payroll solution will provide extraordinary convenience to employers while  empowering payroll recipients to keep firm control of their money with both the Ongo mobile wallet and the Ongo/MOB debit card.

All employees enrolled by their Employer in Ongo/MOB Payroll Program, will receive a cobranded Ongo/MOB debit card that will be linked to their Ongo mobile wallet. This debit card can be used at any Myanmar ATM or at any MPU points-of-sale nationwide.

“Myanmar Oriental Bank is excited to partner with Ongo to provide this unique digital service for Myanmar employers and their employees,” said Dominic Notario, Myanmar Oriental Bank CEO. “This solution is a much-needed digital transformation of the way businesses operate here and will eliminate the need for employers to deal with cash and revolutionize how payroll operations are managed,”

For more information on the Ongo/MOB Payroll Program or Ongo’s other innovative digital payment services, please visit the company’s official website at or Facebook  account at, e-mail or call 09-450888996-7, 09-444450816-8.


About Myanmar Oriented Bank Limited

Since 1993, Myanmar Oriental Bank Limited (“MOB”) has been a key player in Myanmar’s domestic banking industry. The MOB brand is recognized in the market for service quality, reliability, and prudent banking practices.  MOB strives to be at the forefront of the latest banking trends, products, services, and practices.  In 1995, MOB was the first credit card issuer in Myanmar.  It was also among the first batch of six private banks to be permitted by Central Bank of Myanmar to operate foreign currency dealing and international banking.  MOB was the first bank to join the International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) Global Trade Finance Program.  Since 2015, IFC has worked closely with MOB’s management to modernize the bank through various advisory services.


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